Emeritus (‘we’) is committed to maintaining trust, meeting expectations, and upholding the rights of the individuals whose personal data we collect by efficiently protecting their personal data, diligently complying with the applicable privacy laws, persistently adhering to the privacy principles, and conscientiously following the privacy best practices. We understand the value of personal data and the significance of its processing in running our business, and we reinforce our pledge to remain bound to our obligations of fairness and transparency while handling personal data and related operations.

To transparently communicate its current privacy practices related to collection and usage of your personal data, and to align with the new and constantly evolving landscape of data privacy laws and regulations, Emeritus maintains and periodically reviews and upgrades its privacy notices that are specific to and directed at the following categories of individuals:

If you are a prospectivestudent who is looking for more information about our programs and courses, learn how we collect, use, and share your personal data:


If you are a current or former student, or a program/course applicant, learn how we collect, use, and share your personal data:


If you are a current or former employee or consultant, or an employment candidate (job applicant), learn how we collect, use, and share your personal data:


If you are a client, vendor, business partner, site/facility visitor, or other individual to whom either of the above notices do not apply and with whom we interact, primarily offline, learn how we collect, use, and share your personal data:


As more than one of the above notices may apply to you depending upon the context in which your personal data is collected and processed, be sure to carefully read each applicable notice above so that you are fully informed.

Any questions, concerns, or complaints about the operation of thesenoticescan be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at privacy@emeritus.org. In addition, you may submit your concerns or complaints about our privacy practices to our Data Protection Officer at privacy@emeritus.org or at the following address:

Emeritus Institute of Management
78 Shenton Way,
#20-02 Singapore-079120